How a child benefits from wearing identical mother and daughter clothes?

The same clothing for mom and daughter is an idea thanks to which we can teach our child the basics of the sense of style and rules governing the fashion market. Allowing her to wear outfits that look like a small version of her mom’s clothes, we give her a clear sign that she was grown up enough to learn the rules governing adult fashion. From childhood, she will take care of the clothes she’s wearing, wear them consciously and with confidence assured by the invigorating company of her identically dressed mommy.

Wearing identical clothing is also an extremely binding experience. For this reason, do not abuse the opportunity to dress in the same clothes, so that the uniqueness of such an event does not lose its magic. We can put on the same sets for a bigger shopping trip – it is easier for the child to identify the place where the mother is, and if the daughter disappears for a moment from the sight of her parents at a shopping mall, other buyers will immediately notice their unmistakable similarity.