What should you watch out for when choosing the same clothes for you and your daughter?

What should you watch out for when choosing the same clothes for you and your daughter?

The same mother and daughter clothes will inevitably arouse widespread approval at family celebrations. It is impossible to pass by indifferently next to a few-year-old child wearing gracefully outfits that look just like her mothers’! Of course, taking into account the slightly different details of the cut, in the end, not every perfect solution for a daughter’s dress is equally suited as the finishing of her mother’s outfit. In any case, your loved ones will adore this brilliant, eye-catching idea and will recognize you as an unrivaled duo of the evening. Remember, however, to choose only clothes that are really worth focusing on. The effect in the form of identical outfits will become less important when the clothes are of poor quality, too flashy or completely mismatched to the style of clothes usually worn by a mom. Therefore, before you pay attention to yourself, choose clothes that have a number of important features:

  • good workmanship – invest in clothes that were made of the best quality fabrics. Do not buy a “disguise” that will serve you only once, this is not the case – both your outfit and the girl’s corresponding dress should be made of certified raw fabrics that not only provide extraordinary durability for clothes but also guarantee that the fabrics will be solid and good looking. Certified fabrics are also a guarantee that the product does not irritate the delicate skin of the child – they are hypoallergenic products, suitable for any child susceptible to irritation and allergies;
  • proven origin – the guarantee of a high-quality product is the knowledge about the origin of the raw fabrics from which it was created. Choose clothes from fabrics from Polish producers and sewn by Polish dressmakers in regional sewing facilities. In this way, you have the certainty that the product has not traveled thousands of kilometers from Eastern countries while polluting the environment through the combustion process in transport. In addition, you can be sure that the purchased sets of clothes have been created respecting the basic employee rights, and therefore in a completely humane and free from exploitation way;
  • the comfort of wearing – although it seems obvious, all the clothes you buy (and especially those for children) must be really comfortable to wear. Even the most beautiful dress will not please the little princess when the straps will be uncomfortable and the fabric of the outfit will irritate the delicate skin of the girl. When choosing a wardrobe for a mother and daughter, pay attention to the outfits being soft, comfortable and not blocking movements of the elemental child. In the end, we look the most beautiful in what we feel best in.

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